At Wonder Pressings we have focused vastly on Quality of Products. Our practices ensured best in class products, benchmarked for their dimensional accuracy, robust construction.

We have Adequate in-house testing and inspection facilities.


  1. Micron digital micrometers & verniers.
  2. Surface plate 600 x 600 mm
  3. Slip gauge boxes
  4. Digital Vernier scales
  5. Dial Vernier scales
  6. Dial gauges
  7. Micrometers
  8. Special gauges

To compliment our quality control protocols we have In-house tool room facility


  1. Mechanical lathes.
  2. Mechanical surface grinders.
  3. Drilling machine.
  4. Milling machine – DRO
  5. In-house computer aided design & manufacturing facilities for press tools and pipe bending tools – Supported by Solidworks
  6. In-house manufacturing facilities for jigs and fixtures
  7. Dedicated sources for operations such as surface treatment,heat treatment ,vacuum brazing and tig welding

Our Skill Development Initiatives

  • Training
  • Four man days training per year per employee
  • Job rotation
  • Multi skill
  • Small group activities
  • Positive thinking
  • Safety & welfare
  • Quality
  • New product development
  • Cost reduction & innovation

HR Policies

  • Annual performance appraisal for reward
  • Uniform for all the employees
  • Safety shoes for all employees
  • Annual get together with family members
  • Provident fund and E.S.I.C.
  • Gratuity
  • Annual Bonus
  • Best Worker Annual Award